Guide for medium level players

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Guide for medium level players

Post  chucknorris on Thu Jan 05, 2017 2:55 pm

simple structure :

nr1: pick 2-3 heroes as mains and practice what you have learned.

nr2: there are some base stuff, builds, tricks etc:

this is a usual general build u should aim to master first and then u can see what u need and adapt:


Level 1-mana (R hotkey)

Level 2-mana, mana

Level 3-mana, mana

Level 4-attack, attack (Q hotkey)

Level 5- attack, attack

Level 6- attack, attack

Level 7- (at this level purchase your ultimate) attack

Level 8- (at this level purchase all your skill upgrades besides vision upgrade and attack range upgrade)

Level 9- attack, speed (T hotkey)

Level 10- attack, speed

Level 11- attack, speed

Level 12- speed, speed

Level 13-30 after this mineral guide is a no brainer. simply put points in attack until you can no longer put points in it! (maximum is 25) after you have done that put the rest into Health stat (E hotkey) or Armor stat (W hotkey).

or sometimes its good adding some hp minerals to increase surviability


first back:

a: lower then 350 gas go farm mroe

b: more then 350 but less then 700 gas buy a mana card

c: u got 700 gas buy 1 mana card and 1 mana pot, proceed to kill enemy with mana pot, then farm tanks creep and care of not getting ganked

d: u have 1100 u can straight buy mana regen and mana pot

after that try to always carry 1 mana pot so u can kill enemies

get 2 mana regens (750 gas each)

speed (800)

x2 shield

1 shield regen


x2 shield

mana regen

last shield

then health packs etc mix pots cards etc very hard from here to have a straight forward build

also keep in mind ct is a very consumables heavy game (cards and pots)

health pots provide the surviability u need in teamfights, always carry 1 or more in lategame

armor or hp dilema:

if u need to carry go armor as it is better in lategame but weaker in the beggining when u get hp
also there are 3 major ignoring armor heroes for which u should go hp only if ure against them:
zeros with the big line (dts), arcane or mechatron.

also 2 mechanics of ct having tutorials:

Charge cancel for melees:

How to split creep:

4 37 spawn:
if you kill 2 of the big marines (commando) before minute 4 37, you will get 1 extra wave of creep which will give
you 1 level of exp and more gas

nr3: id show u some of the best players of ct, watc the heroes u picked and see how he plays reacts to stuff etc, this helped me the most

nr4: play ih (6 good players making balanced teams) ull get stomped at start but u will learn alot faster, thats how all good players got good
But only play ih if you have time to play all game and dont leave game before its finnished.


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