Zeros 3 mana guide

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Zeros 3 mana guide

Post  Alexander on Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:50 am

Pretty easy with Zeros if you have good aim and prediction/map watching.

VS Melee:

Don't fight melee because Zeros is last on the list of melee heroes for early game and will get owned hands down by any other melee. You will have to go 4 mana/warlord strike and that's just a diservice to how much potential he has with DTS. So, try to lane ranged heroes if you have the option.

VS Range:

A few heroes can harass really hard and also farm well, making it difficult to lane against. These are heroes like Zedait, Chimera, etc. Regardless, for this matchup a DTS Zeros will really shine. Here is what you do:

1.) 3 mana
2.) 350 buy mana card
3.) Farm like hell, take your tanks, push the lane, etc.
4.) 700 mana card, mana pot
5.) Push again, take their tanks, kill them
6.) 1100 regen/pot (or you can just buy regen)
7.) 750x2 mana regen again
8.) 500 health regen
9.) 500 mineral point, put it into attack
10.) 750 mana regen
11.) 800 speed booster
12.) 750+ shields, shields, shields

If you did this right, at level 8 you can get DTS and hit for 2000+ damage and you are ready to rock and roll. I get 4 mana regens by level 8 because that is the amount of mana regen needed to get all of your mana back after casting a DTS, so that means you can constantly cast them.

Now, unless you are SungJ and have 2500 shields by that point, you will usually one hit them. So, this is when Zeros starts to shine. Also, conveniently enough this is the amount of damage needed to farm both the tanks at 11:44, which again if you did this right you will get DTS right before this spawn time. Starting at level 9 I get attack/speed until speed is maxed. After that I get armor, but you can get it whenever you want. I don't think it's that significant early game.


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